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Welcome to the first post at casino-palace.biz. We are gonna try to create the top resource for casino information on the world wide web. The web is today so full of different information regarding this subject, that it has become very hard to navigate in this jungle of info. Where should you play? What should you play? What bonus can you get? What casinos should you avoid? These are all legitimate questions we often ask ourselves when we are looking to play and have fun online. Hopefully, this website will help you answer these questions. One casino that is super-hot right now is the swedish casino thrills.com.


We are also gonna try to turn this site into a big resource for all those our there who are interested in slot machines online. Slots have grown to become the most popular game among the online-casino players, and therefore it definetely deserves this attention. Today, there are hundreds of different slots out there, all made by different software-providers. We will publish information, pictures, videos and game-demoes all related to online slots. This will help you know more about this exciting subject.

So, do not worry, but jump into it with an open mind. The casino world online can be a bit frightening, but nothing should be too hard for those who do their homework. Remember, the casinos are in it to make money. Sure, there are some shady charachters out there, but the fact is that most companies are legitimate and serious casinos. A nice resource, especially if you are from Finland, is this Casino Portal. You can also find information about norwegian online casino here. You will find a big list of the casinos you should play at right here at this cool website. We hope you will bookmark this website, and use it a lot in the future. Good luck.