New Jersey became recently the 14th state in USA to adopt equal marriage rights, so gay couples can legally marry. Atlantic City casinos have seen an opportunity on these news and for instance Caesars Palace has decided to celebrate these big news with a wedding give away. The package will include a full wedding valued at $50.000, for around 100 guests, cocktail, dinner, wedding cake, photographers, accommodation, plus the necessary bachelor and bachelorette parties.

In order to win the prize, couples need to upload a video in Instagram telling why they need to win the prize. The contest is open until 31st March and the jury will decide right after.

Caesars Palace management has declared that they have always been pro human rights and equality, in all aspects of life. They have been partners of several LGBT associations for some years, and have contributed to their campaigns actively for the past years. Some of these associations are GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, IGLTA (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) NGLJA (National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Association).


Caesars Palace has been also active in making all casinos and resorts in Atlantic City more gay friendly, and they have taken the lead in several actions to make the gay community feel welcome in the casinos and installations of Atlantic City.

Traditionally, casinos have been a very recurrent location for weddings. However, in some places there is the stereotypical concept of casino weddings as the Las Vegas crazy drunk weddings that people regret next morning when waking up next to a stranger. But this is just a tiny part of it. And it’s mainly the image that Hollywwod movies give the world about Vegas and casino weddings.

In Caesars Palace they try to break the stereotype and they are offering the widest range of wedding services possible, from the most romantic and classic ones, to the more intimate and modern ones. And now that the law allows it, gay people will have the chance to enjoy these services in all Atlantic City casinos.