How to play Caribbean Stud Poker?

Any player who understands how to play the Five Card Stud Poker can feel completely at ease while playing Caribbean Stud Poker. All you need to remember is that while playing Caribbean Stud Poker, you play against the dealer and not against other players.

How to play Caribbean Stud Poker?

The Caribbean Stud Poker variant borrows most of its concepts from the original game and converts it into an extremely fast paced game of poker where players need to compete with the house, and not with other players.

How to play caribbean stud poker

  • Ante – The game begins when players place an Ante. The size of the ante can be placed according to your preferences, provided it lies within the minimum and maximum bet limits that have been set for the table.

  • Understanding your cards – The dealer deals each player with five cards that are facing down. On the other hand, one of the five cards in the dealer’s hand is dealt facing up.

  • Betting – After determining the strength of their hand, players need to bet or fold. Folding leads to forfeiture of the ante. If a player chooses to bet, he/ she must bet an amount that is equal to double the amount of the ante.

  • Outcome – Once all bets have been made, the dealer reveals his remaining cards. The minimum hand that a dealer hand must have is an Ace-King high. If not, all players are paid in the ratio of 1:1. If the dealer manages to get a hand that is better than an Ace-King high, the players compare their hands with the dealer and the one with the best hand wins. The payment is made according to a pre-set pay scale.

Poker chips

Payout Rates for Caribbean Stud Poker

  • Winning the game with an Ace-King high – 1:1

  • Winning the game with a pair – 1:1

  • Winning the game with two pairs – 2:1

  • Winning the game with three of a kind – 3:1

  • Winning the game with a straight – 4:1

  • Winning the game with a flush – 5:1

  • Winning the game with a full house – 7:1

  • Winning the game with four of a kind – 20:1

  • Winning the game with straight flush – 50:1

  • Winning the game with a royal flush – 100:1


Common mistakes made by players while playing the Caribbean Stud Poker

X Folding the game when they have low pairs.

X Playing the game with an Ace and a Queen.

X Betting for the sake of betting. (Bluffing has no value in Caribbean Stud Poker.

X Playing without determining the strength of the starting hand.

X Playing the game without implementing a basic strategy to boost the chances of winning.