Top 5 Ways to Break a Bad Luck Streak while Gambling

Almost all poker players go through times when they just can’t seem to win. No matter how they place their bets, no matter what they do, no strategy ever seems to pay off the way it should. This could continue for days at a stretch or last for a few hours. Like all good luck streaks, bad luck streaks are also a part and parcel of the game and of your gambling experience. It can be difficult to keep your cool while going through a bad luck streak, but there are a number of ways by which you can actually break your bad luck streak while gambling.

Take a break

If things just don’t seem right, it always helps to take a break. Constantly losing one game after the other can have a huge toll psychologically and it can also shatter your confidence. You might begin to feel that you can never win a game again. This is definitely a false assumption as you could start winning once again at any point of time. One of the best ways to break your losing streaks is to take a break. Do something to clear your head, divert your mind, refresh yourself and then try your hand once more. It also helps to call it a day and come back the next day.

Take out those lucky charms or become superstitious

If you’re into that sort of thing (many gamblers believe in lucky charms or gambling superstitions), perform all the rituals that you do to break a spell of bad luck when you take that break. I have heard of people changing their position, taking a bath, moving their screen position, wearing lucky charms such as lucky T-shirts, lucky bracelets, etc. Well, if it works for you, there’s no harm in giving it a try.

Play games which allow you to concentrate and don’t distract your attention

Gambling is actually quite the same as working, it’s just way more exciting. A single mistake can ruin your entire hard work and concentration is the key to success. If you’re going through that bad luck streak, stop multitasking between games at once. This will just make you lose faster during that bad luck streak. It also helps to try and concentrate your entire energies into games that allow you to do so. Bringing back more control into your game can actually help you break that bad luck streak.

Try out other games

You might have been playing on the same table for way too long. If nothing seems to be removing that bad luck streak, try switching to another game for some time. Take a break, walk around, rejuvenate your senses and then play at another table. Your luck might just come back all of a sudden.

Reduce the size of your bets

Your bad luck might be a direct result of your enormous bet size. If you’re low on your bankroll, it always makes sense to reduce your bet size and make your bankroll last longer. This will help you to cut down on your losses during a bad luck streak and come back strong once that good luck decides to come back into your game.